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Latest changes

The following are the major changes in the latest update to WorkExpo.

Student History Tab:
The students screen now has a 'History' tab which shows a student's archived work experience placements. Double-click to view the details. In addition, the History tab in both the students and employers screen displayed the number of items on the tab for quick reference without having to click on the tab. Archived records show more detail: Information stored in the archives now contains more detail for a student, including attendance notes, placement notes, student notes and employer notes. This info can be exported to Excel from the archives.

New Student Placement Record (NSW only): The Student Placement Record (Arrangement form) for NSW has been updated. Postcodes and Public (and School) Holidays: These lists have been updated from Australia Post. All Term dates and holida lists have been updated for 2018.

Faster Loading and Closing: WorkExpo uses the name of the school entered in the School Details section to determine subscription status. Now you can change the school name at any time without the subscription becoming invalid. In addition WorkExpo no longer needs to constantly check subscription status from the web-site which means less activity behind the scenes and faster opening and closing.

Multiple Placements: View a list of students with multiple placements. Lists can be viewed directly from the Students screen. Also view lists of employers with multiple placements in the Employers screen. Multiple placements can also be viewed as a list within the Arrangements screen. You can print and/or export multiple-placement lists to Excel.

Mailing Labels for Parents: In addition to mailing labels for employers and mailing labels for students, in new version 13 you can now generate and print mailing labels for parents.

Dates for Tracking:
The tracking feature now provides for a date to be entered against each tracking task. You can add dates manually, set a default date and/or add dates with tracking tasks using the Batch Update wizard. Printed lists and exporting to Excel also include tracking dates for ad-hock reporting.

Archive Records On-The-Fly: Archive an individual employer, student or arrangement record without needing to step through the Archive Wizard. Select 'Archive Employer' or 'Archive Student' or 'Archive Arrangement' from the drop down menu and archive the current record quickly and easily.

Data File location enhancements: If you change the path to the WorkExpo data file an entry is added to a text file stored on the local machine. You can view this list by opening the WorkExpo.ini file or from within WorkExpo itself. This means your IT staff can now locate any lost or missing WorkExpo data files more easily. If WorkExpo is running IT staff can view the list from within WorkExpo. If WorkExpo is not running, the list can be viewed by opening the workexpo.ini file located in c:\program files\workexpo

Faster Loading and Closing: In previous versions of WorkExpo certain tables were exported during start-up for use with Microsoft Word's Mail Merge feature. This typically took up to 10 seconds. If you don't require this feature then the export of tables can be turned off resulting in faster loading and unloading of WorkExpo.

Defaults for Students and Employers: In previous versions of WorkExpo you could set defaults for Arrangements in the Arrangements screen. You can now set defaults for student and employer records. For example, you can set the gender field to default to 'Female' in a girls' school. For employer records, for example, you could set the default for 'Number of Placements Offered'.

Employer Export: When exporting employer details to Microsoft Excel Employer Name (with Suburb) and Employer Name (Without Suburb) are now both included.

Exporting of Student Preferences: You can now export student preference lists to Excel for ad-hoc reporting.

Industry and General Module Report: A report that lists students, their specific industry and general modules as per their placement(s) and whether or not they have completed the required modules. Date complete is also included. This can be sorted by year or by date.

Postcodes and Public (and School) Holidays: These lists have been recently updated for the new version.

Recent data file locations: If you move the WorkExpo data file or regularly select a different data file, WorkExpo now displays a list of recent data files. Available in Options/Data File.

Students without Arrangements: You can now export a list of Students Without Placements to Microsoft Excel. 

Continued Software Support: Purchasing the latest software upgrades also includes renewal of your WorkExpo software support. You can phone or email any time if you need help with WorkExpo.

The following are minor changes in WorkExpo.  

New Field: Edited By. In the Student's screen, this field displays the name of the logged-in user when the record was last edited. The date the record was last edited is also displayed..

New Fields: Tracking Dates. These appear on the tracking tab in the Students screen. They show the date the tracking item(s) were completed. This new field is included in the export to Excel.

Employer Export: When exporting Employer records to Microsoft Excel the business name (including suburb), and business name (excluding suburb), are also now included.

Student Certificate: In previous versions, when printing the Student Certificate from WorkExpo and using 'Structured WorkPlace Learning' as the placement type, the text did not wrap correctly. This now fits on the page.

Mail Merge Export:  A change to WorkExpo so that the Mail Merge tables are not used by default. This makes start up and shut down faster. If you want to run the Mail Merge export then turn off 'Fast Start' in Options /Miscellaneous.

Student Archive: When archiving student records the student mobile phone number no longer goes missing. Fixed.

Nominated or Main Teacher:  In a multi-user environment WorkExpo allows you to nominate a Main Teacher. If no teacher is nominated then letters would show a blank for teacher name and title.  Now, if the Main Teacher is not nominated then the logged in teacher name will show instead.

Employers By Last Used Date: When exporting employer records by Last Used date the ABN and EMAIL fields were inadvertently omitted. This has now been fixed.

Postcodes and Holidays: These have updated for the latest version.

Display Current Date In Letters: The date letter error when using the current date for letters is now working as expected. In previous versions, it was sometimes necessary to check and uncheck the box 'Use Current Date In Letters'. Fixed.

Tips updated: WorkExpo tips have been updated. You can turn tips off if necessary in Options/Miscellaneous .

Running WorkExpo Patch: When installing and running a patch on a new machine after a fresh install of WorkExpo, the patch would report that WorkExpo was not found. This has now been fixed.  This means you can install WorkExpo on a fresh machine, download the latest patch and it will run without error.      

Archives to Excel: You can now export archived student, employer and arrangement records to Excel. 

Additional Backup Security: Extra checks and balances built into the backup of WorkExpo data files to minimize lost files.



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